The Commune of Kruszwica is located in the southern part of Cuiavian-Pomeranian Voivodship  in Inowrocław District. It borders 8 other communes:

  • Inowrocław and Dąbrowa Biskupia in Inowrocław District
  • Strzelno and Jeziora Wielkie in Mogilno District
  • Dobre, Radziejów and Piotrków Kujawski in Radziejów District
  • Skulsk in Konin District.

Kruszwica is one of the largest communes in the voivodship in terms of area. It occupies 26.2ha in total, where urban and rural areas are respectively 664ha and 25 555ha. The structure in the land use shows that agricultural land takes up 21.2ha, which is 80.9% of the commune area. Forestry land is 1,164ha, which is 4,4% of the total area, and it is located in the Noteć Valley, the Lake Gopło trough and the Bachorza Valley.